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Amazing Lip Art Works

It is not a simple lipstick, but a true piece of art

Whatever you know about lipstick – forget about it. In the world of art there is no space for usual, ordinary, shiny and matte lipstick. It is all about the creativity and patterns that artists keep experimenting with and instead of ordinary canvas, they choose lips instead. Last year everybody was obsessed with Disney inspired lips, then it was all about intricate designs and patterns, among which the following ones are the most spectacular:

The wave. This beauty was created as a result of inspiration by “The great wave off Kanagawa”. Instagram beauty pro – Girlgreybeauty accepted the challenge and recreated the picture on the lips.


Honeycomb drip lip. The same artist managed to cover the lips with honey like paint and actually used real honey as a top cover.


Roses. Amazing detailed work on the lips looks truly like a miracle. Thanks to the clear gloss on top, lips look like a masterpiece.

Pocahontas. Who could imagine that you can recreate a true picture on the lips? The palette of colors and the details are really intriguing.

Marble Vibes. You need some time to realize that it is done on the lips. Spectacular pattern which is hard to repeat for sure.

Stone inspired. Combination of silver, blue and gray colors with creamy base and shiny gloss really makes an impression that it is a stone looking at you.

Fruit. Sweet and seducing kiwis or apples are hard to resist.

Get inspired by these works and start practicing your own lip design.

Source: indigodaily


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