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AT&T Call Center Employee F*cks with Customers Calling In

AT&T decided to tell their call center employees in the mourning that they were fired but would have to work the rest of the day, that was a big mistake.


This call center employee just didn’t give a damn for the rest of the day after hearing that their whole call center was being shut down. When you are given the news that you are about to be unemployed by the end of the day you usually don’t work as hard as you probably should have. This guy blatantly telling customers that he does not care about their problem and even starts messing with by claiming to be a call center for Verizon or T-Mobile. Best part is that they have to be legally paid for the whole day no matter what they do, probably should have told them they were fired after clock out.


You can watch the whole montage of snapchats from this guy’s last day at work in the video below:

Source: dudecomedy


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