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This Guy’s Black Friday War Cry Is A Classic Throwback To Simpler Times

Today is Black Friday but things seem to have been a lot less chaotic than in recent years. People have presumably realised that they get pretty much the same deals online, rather than having to wrestle other shoppers for LCD TVs down at the local supermarket.

Because there have not been that many people knocking each other out over electrical goods, there have been fewer of those viral sensations than in recent years.

In comparison, last year the internet was breaking down so frequently that it had the AA on speed dial. For example, remember this guy? He gave a speech to his fellow employees before a surge of Black Friday deal-seekers entered a Target store in waves of fierce bargain hunting.

On top of a check-out, the fella displays scenes reminiscent of King Theoden’s speech during The Battle for Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers mixed with the “This is Sparta” address in 300.

It’s a war cry worthy of just about any event, but this does go to show just how hectic Black Friday can be for those working in retail.

Source: theladbible | Featured image credit: Chole Sier/YouTube


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