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Girl Offers To Bang Anyone In Area As Long As She Can Film It For Followers

Well, what a deal…

This girl who doubles as a pornstar by day & Snapchatter by night posted a message to her 10,000+ followers looking for some fun.

Seems like a deal that is too good to be true right? WRONG! It happened and there is mother f’in proof…. Best part, the dude just seems like a normal guy just like you or me.

The guy has tweeted around 30 times in the last 3 months. 95% of his tweets are this girls’ tweets, he retweeted. Did that make sense? He is consistently sharing her pics and videos to his followers. So dudes, if you ever want a chance you better start hitting that retweet button.

Next thing you know he is in her room. She has her top off. WHAT THE HELL MAN!


She kept her followers up to date with what was going on. She tweeted out: “He loving the view”


The videos and pictures were posted on her Snapchat and then reposted to her Twitter where all her followers chimed in on how they wish it was them getting in on the action.

Guess they need to retweet more.


This dude with only 52 followers if OFFICIALLY THE NEW MVP! Remember when Mia Khalifa “banged that fan” but it was really just another dude getting paid to bang Mia Khalifa? This is like that, but 100 times cooler!


She posted a bunch of 10-second clips from the actual sex session but there is not enough blur or black circles that can make this sex tape viewable on here.

Source: dudecomedy


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