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This Chinese ‘Trap Door’ Spider Is As Creepy As Hell

Spiders are disgusting and if you say you don’t think so then I reckon you’re lying. You’re not hard mate, you think they’re creepy just like everyone else, so fess up.


One farmer in China has found an especially creepy version of the eight-legger with a disk attached to its abdomen.

According to the Daily Mail, the man, named Li Wenhua, found the rare spider on his orange farm in Pujiang village near Chengdu, south-west China, on November 14.

At first, Li did not realise it was a arachnid; instead, he thought it was a ‘cultural relic’, but after searching the Internet, Li found out that the spider was called Chinese hourglass spider, or ‘li shi pan fu zhu’ in Chinese.



He told local media that he planned to sell the creepy-crawly for ‘a good price’ as a pet.

The Chinese hourglass is a type of trapdoor spider. These spiders are rarely seen by humans because they live in below-the-ground burrows that are covered by – you guessed it… – trapdoors.

Made by the creature using mixtures of soil, sand, and/or plant material, and silk, the trapdoor serves to hide it when it forages for meals at the burrow entrance, usually at night.

The insect is one of the earliest spiders to have been documented in China.

And it still scares the shit out of me.

Source: theladbible


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