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These Animals Can Detect Sicknesses And Natural Disasters

You don’t trust doctors, maybe animals can put a better diagnosis.

We do live in mysterious world and share it with other creatures as well, like animals. Humans do tend to underestimate their abilities and numerous studies prove it yearly. Sometimes their abilities go beyond understanding like sensing diseases and natural danger in people, like:


Besides producing honey, these insects can actually even sniff the explosives. In modern world, where explosives and terrorism are a usual thing, the bees can serve better than any other detecting system. With their sniffers, detectors can trace the chemical up to part per trillion ratio.


Whenever we watch our favorite cats, we see them sleeping most of their time. But they do have their own skills. Have you heard about the cat who was wandering from room to room in the hospital comforting patients? Besides their disease detection abilities they can also forecast earthquakes. One of the examples happened in Japan: six days before the strong earthquake cats totally changed their behavior.


People do not like them for a reason. While rest of the creatures are kind of worries and stressed before the natural catastrophes, sharks do totally opposite. The research with sharks showed that they move toward the changes in the oceans temperature.


Scientists use these creatures in all possible experiments. But nevertheless, mice have a rather strong smell, so they can sense avian flu.


It is not only cats who can sense earthquakes, but as it turns out cows as well. The researchers from the National Tsing Hua University state that cows rapidly lowered the milk production a week before the earthquake.

Source: indigodaily


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