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Teacher Takes Two Fighting Students On A Spin Around Arse-Whipping Avenue

Some people never learn, do they? Check out these two young punks who thought it was clever to start rucking right in the middle of a classroom, disrupting their own and their classmates’ education, blissfully unaware of the fact their teacher moonlighted as a Judo sensei.

This Sir, whatever department in which he educates the youth, is open at first to seeing the scuffle play out fairly. The second he realises the two guys are wastemen, though, he chimes in with a bit of bicep Propofol, drawing an end to the non-contest.

The teacher has this shit so under control that he even makes a quip as he executes the intervention.

It’s worth your time.

Credit: Liveleak
Source: theladbible | Featured image credit: LiveLeak


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