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Here Is Another DIY To Get Curls Overnight Using The “Sock Bun” Trick

Hairstyle is one of the most important aspect in human being to look attractive and gorgeous. People try a lot of expensive cosmetics and treatments to get soft, shiny and smooth hair.

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Curly hair is one of the most famous hairstyle now a day. Some women have the wildest dream of getting curly hair. They can do anything in order to get curls…

fect curly hairs for a beach look.

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But you are forgetting DIY. You can get your desired curls by following these simple steps.

Wash out your hairs and make them dry so that there will be no unwanted dirt in your hairs

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Now take a clean and long sock then cut its upper part so that you can have a cylindrical sock.

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Start rolling the sock in the shape of a donut. Make sure that the donut is tight and firm.

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Damp your hair a little with the help of a sprayer. Comb them up so that you will have tangle free hairs.

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Taking your all hairs at one place make a ponytail at the crown area of your head.

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Now from the tip make the donut to get enter carefully. Stuff in the ends of the ponytail into the bun.

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Start rolling the bun holding your ponytail in inward direction as far as you can.

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Now tuck all the extra hairs in the bun. And you bow should look amazing

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Now go to sleep with carrying this bun on your head all night long.

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In the morning, when you will wake up and undine the bun then will have perfect curly hairs as you


Source: candyreader


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