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Science Says That You Don’t Need To Wash Your Coffee Cup…

Seriously? Like never?

Having coffee in the morning is a ritual, especially if you have your first cup at the working place. However, when the last sip is done, the cup is left with the stains and aroma from the freshly made coffee. And somehow washing the mug doesn’t come into plan, right? But anyway you do it, it is a rule in every office to leave your place spotless, including the cup you use. Otherwise next morning you will have to scratch it instead of pouring the steaming coffee. But it turns out that washing a coffee cup is not so important and actually not so necessary according to the science.

The article in the recent edition of The Wall Street Journal states that it is absolutely okay not to give it a through wash. How come?

It actually turns out that it is even better to keep it unwashed until you don’t share it with anybody else. How come? Because if you wash your cup it means you use the common sponge for scrubbing, which is for sure full of gems collected from other people’s cups.

Sounds logical, right?

So next time, don’t feel embarrassed or gross to leave the coffee cup unwashed. At least you know it has only your bacteria and nobody’s else’s. Makes sense on one way. So while scientists come up with more ideas on how to keep us less well behaved, we are going to enjoy our cup of coffee along with our germs only.

Source: indigodaily


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