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What This Makeup Artist Did During Her Labour Pains Shocked The Complete Hospital Staff–OMG!

While giving birth women have the amount of pain which normal human body cannot even bear. It is of more lbds and still the mother feels amazing once the baby is out. Childbirth, no matter how painful is beautiful and magical. But here is a story of a lady who did something in order to distract herself from the labour pain.

27 yeard old Alaha

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She is a 27 year old woman who lives in New York city and her name is Alaha Majid. What she did was tuning the hospital intp beauty parlor for herself without getting rid of the doctors in her room.

She is passionate makeup artist.

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When the delivery day came, she decided to get a glam look for her labour. Brilliant, isn’ t it? It’s good that her passion was brought to use.

Not simple make-up.

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She does not go on light and even did skin contouring and wore fake eyelashes , while on the bed.

She wanted to look her best.

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It was all because she wanted to be in a proper look when welcoming her daughter Sofia Alaya Karimi. I think, maybe it wouldn’t have been too bad if she went on natural. But, that’s passion I guess.


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All this because, she wanted to upload an amazing picture of herself on social media like twitter and Instagram. /she kept applying.

she kept applying.

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She kept applying make-up and only stopped for breaks when she had contractions. Thisis her husband dabbing the make-up brush on her face.

Source: candyreader


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