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Controversial Pictures That WWE Does Not Want Its Fans To See!!

WWE superstars love to be in spotlight and thanks to their popularity they manage to get more than expected attention not only inside the ring but also in their private life. But like every common man, these WWE stars too have images they wish no would get to see or want us to forget. But one can easily find it such pictures on Google images search. Today we are going to show you some of the images which WWE stars don’t want you to see.

1479100802_9Source: candyreader

This was perhaps the most embarrassing moment Trish Stratus when Vince McMahon not only forced her to strip down to her underwear but also made her bark like a dog.

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While delivering a spine-buster move to Randy Orton, Batista’s jeans split all the way up his inner thigh, exposing his underwear.

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The Great Khali once dressed up like a fairy by wearing a frock.

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Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior were seen in a compromising position during a match in the 80s.

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Jack Swagger & Maryse Ouellet clicked doing dirty dance during a wild party

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WWE Chairman’s dirty kiss picture with a diva

1479100898_6Source: candyreader

Triple H busted with diva Trish Stratus backstage

1479100914_7Source: candyreader

Shawn Michaels once bared it all for a gay magazine photoshoot

1479100929_8Source: candyreader

Drunk John Cena was caught in an objectionable act during a party

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Source: candyreader


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