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12 Most Poisonous and Viper Snakes In The World

There is no doubt that snakes are such a type of creature which everyone scared of. If you ask me, I would say this is one of the most deadly reptiles in the world. However, there are numerous folks who love this creature and make them their pet. I really become wondered after listening to such stories. Here, in this blog, you will be able to learn the names of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

Tiger Snake

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You can find this most poisonous snake in the world in Australian jungles. Yellow bands can be observed on their body. These snakes bite very accurately and the wounded would die very soon without treatment.

Blue Krait

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The venom of this snake is sixteen times more powerful than the venom of cobra. Moreover, no antivenin could be found for treating the wounded. That’s why, Blue Krait is considered as the deadliest snake in the world.


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This sort of snake becomes very active after rain. The venom of vipers can kill a human being within a fraction of time. However, Saw Scaled Vipers are more powerful than these ones. This is considered as one of the most Poisonous Snakes In The World.

Saw scaled Viper

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In the Middle East and Far East, you can find out these creatures. The most important aspect concerning their venom is that it will lead you towards death very slowly if you avoid taking proper treatment.


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Africa is the native country of Boomslang. Their venom is very concentrated. Long fangs are possessed by them and for biting; they use to open their mouth in 180 degree angle.

King Cobra

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In India and Burma, this particular species is being worshipped by many. Their length is 3-4 meters. It is also believed that the memories of these snakes are very sharp.

Belcher’s Sea Snake

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This sea snake is well known as the most poisonous snake in the entire world. However, these are docile in nature but can bit you if you try to harm them. More than thousands of people can be died with a bit of their venom.

Eastern Brown Snake

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By nature, these snakes are very aggressive. You can find them in Australia and even in the cities of this country. The bites of these snakes can make you paralysed or dead.

Desert Horned Viper

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The moving technique of these snakes is very unnatural. You can find them in North America and Middle East. Moreover, two horns are also possessed by them.

Death Adder

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There is a legendary tale about his snake. Cleopatra used Death Adder for killing herself. New Guinea, Australia and various other regions are their native place.

Philippine Cobra

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The venom of this species is very powerful. Philippine cobra would not bite you. They only spit on you and you will be died within 20-30 minutes. Moreover, they have wide neck collar.

The Forest Cobra

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In the forest of Africa, these snakes can be found. They range from 1.5-2.5 meters. This specific species is also known as black cobra. Upto 10 meters, they can climb.

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