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7 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You

Pregnancy – a time before going with his body this way and not another, it is necessary to think not only about themselves. And this time, generates a lot of misconceptions on the topic of “what is good and what is bad” for the mother. And what in fact medical advice you can, and what is not a pregnant woman?

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1 Well you don’t just gaining weight…

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At first being pregnant you got the great surprise of sporting larger [email protected], however when four months, EVERYTHING starts to induce large!

2 Baby Music

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Unless you wish a deaf baby or a radical stripling, avoid blasting the speakers!

3 Food Craving

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Omg. . . although we’re not pregnant, we’re feeling nauseating. Who chew monkey brains unless you are a monkey brain yourself?

4 Having A Good Time?

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Before you start doing hip-hop, think. . . do you really want to put baby through a washing machine cycle?

5 Pregnancy Exercise

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You’re not coaching to contend within the athletics, though it’s going to feel that means. Avoid killing yourself or baby. Your prize comes once baby arrives!

6 Disturbing The Public

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Moms, though you would like to stand-out whereas partying, do not let it all hang around.

7 Hospital Packing

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Remember you are not moving to a different country. You will probably be direct 1-2 days!

Source: candyreader


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