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Adidas Plans To Sell 7000 Pairs Of Shoes Made Of Ocean Waste

World famous company is taking care of the ocean’s garbage by turning it into the shoes

Rescuing planet from environmental catastrophe has become a question number one for many countries along with companies and big enterprises. Speaking of which, the world famous company Adidas decided to team up with environmental organization Parley and recycle the waste found in the ocean into wearable shoes.

Parley has been known for raising attention among artists, journalists and other representatives of creative professions as for the ocean’s fragility. And Adidas heard the call and didn’t hesitate to respond.

As a result of cooperation between two companies, Adidas is planning to set up on sale around 7000 pairs of shoes – UltraBoost Uncaged Parley shoes. The material they are made of is kind of unexpected, 95 % is the plastic, collected from the bottom of the ocean, mainly in Maldives. The problem of plastic on the paradise island has been raised recently in the social media. The rest 5% is green-minded recycled polyester.

If to make a different counting, one single shoe contains 11 plastic bottles. The pair is not the cheapest one – 220$, but saving a planet is not a free job either and the big sales is planned to be in the middle of November, so basically it is happening now.

The design of the shoes is really cool, plus it has a really noble goal – saving the ocean. Spending a bit of money for the benefit of environment sounds like a good shopping, doesn’t it?

Source: indigodaily


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