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How to induce vomiting?

Vomiting is not a pleasant thing, however, in many situations vomit is required. Vomiting may result from the ingestion of toxic food, intestinal complications or personal desire of rejection of ingested foods. Often unwanted vomiting are occasional and therefore present no risk. However, there are certain risks to induce vomiting to lose weight. Anyway, here are the steps to follow to easily induce vomiting.

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1- Choose where vomit

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If you are at home, the bathroom, the toilet, bidet or bucket will be your best options. Beware of the type of pipe in which you will vomit. The sinks and kitchen sinks sometimes get blocked easily.

If you are outside, you isolate people and their business. Needless to say, you will not make friends for yourselves by vomiting on them or next door. Find a quiet corner to vomit quietly.

2- Do you really make you vomit?

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Sometimes when we do not feel well, when it was dizzy, stomach hurts, you can not be quite sure of the need to induce vomiting. In this context, self-induced vomiting may not be easy, particularly unpleasant. However, when one knows that one will throw up, like after a good drunk, be a good idea to vomit to rid his stomach of alcohol drinking.

Decrypt the warning signs:

1.You become white.

2.You feel your temperature rise and you sweat.

3.Your saliva production increases, and its taste is saltier than normal.

4.You have very bad stomach.

5.You dizzy, dizzy.

3- Let your body do you vomit or vomit yourself.

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Your body will do the work for itself if you give it enough time. If you want to vomit as soon as possible, here are the various possible techniques:

1- If induce vomiting with fingers

2- If induce vomiting with salt water

3- If induce vomiting with a toothbrush

4- If an emetic to induce vomiting

5- If induce vomiting watching another person vomit and other technical …

4- Try to prevent nausea and vomiting before it is too late.

There are a few things you can try to do to avoid vomiting. Try them before forcing you to vomit:

1. Drink small amounts of sweetened liquids, such as clear soda or fruit juice (orange and grapefruit juice are not recommended because they are too acidic).

2.Stay in either a sitting or lying in the lateral position of emergency.

CAUTION – The activity may cause feelings of nausea worse, lead to vomiting.

5- Try to vomit where you aim and cleanly.


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Now that you are sure you need to vomit, cleanliness is your next goal. When the feeling of vomiting comes up, wear your mouth near the toilet bowl or container, to prevent splashing or other unwanted spill. If you’re outdoors, the more you will be close to the ground, you will cause less splash.

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