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This Behavior Can Totally Ruin Your Relationship With A Woman

You might think some of the points are silly, but according to the research women won’t agree with you…

Men do believe that they know exactly how to behave with their women and get very surprised at their women shouting, getting upset and finally leaving. You think women have no logic and behave totally childish. But, maybe you just used some of these behavioral patterns which totally freak your beloved ones out:

Do you think that a woman has a set of “women responsibilities”? You know, like cooking, washing dishes, maybe ironing? But she also goes to work….right? Are there any special “men responsibilities?” Can we have a list please?

What is your usual answer to a lady’s complain? Have you ever told her something like :”what else do you want from me? I earn the money!” If you did, just to let you know, money is not everything…

Do you have your own interests or hobbies? Except having beer with friends and playing games on the phone? Something interesting, witty, exciting?

How many times have you checked her phone or social nets while she is away? Women hate to be suspected in something, especially if they don’t give you a reason to doubt in their loyalty.

Which promise is more important? The one you gave your friend or to your woman? She will forgive you once of letting her down, but if it continues, she will look for a man who will put her above the rest.

Do you think how good is your sex? Have you ever considered of making it better or different? Or you literally think there is no need to improve nothing and you are the best?

Do you listen to her when she tries to share her problems and worries with you? Or you think such talks are for her friends and you are not her personal psychiatrist?

For sure you guys have faced some other issues in relationship, don’t hesitate to share what bothers you the most?

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