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TV Show Pranks People In Park With Couple Banging Under Fake Tent

Man, I need to step up my TV watching. TV in the US has gotten so boring I need to branch out and start checking in on these shows from different countries.

My first stop is Japan, would love to catch up on some of the handjob karaoke.

Next, I am finding this country because they know how to make entertaining shit!


The concept is simple. Hidden camera ‘prank show’ taken to the extreme. This particular episode surprised people walking in a park with an old dude screwing a pretty good looking lady.


Tell me that is not must see TV… We are stuck with dumbass “drama” shows here and terrible late night comedies.


To see a 2 min clip from the show click next below. Although it is a prank it is still is pretty NSFW. You don’t want to explain this one to someone looking over your shoulder. “I swear her is wearing a swimsuit and she has tape on her vag”

Source: dudecomedy


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