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Shocking Historical Photos ?

Every once in a while, a photographer captures an image that is so shocking it can change the course of history. They say a picture says a thousand words.

We’ve compiled a huge list of some of the most iconic pictures in history. Many of them were taken decades ago. There are even a few from as far back as the American Civil War.

Son Dying of AIDS

71e4034a21353b9bd028f1d73b084f57Source: imgur

Published in November of 1990, this LIFE magazine photo changed the way America viewed AIDS. A son, dying of AIDS, is comforted by his father and family.

Bison Skull Mountain

5f95b4e57c7c80ac6d84c2b878eb8de0Source: imgur

By the 1870’s, bisons had been hunted to near-extinction. Here’s a picture of a mountain of bison skulls, to show just how many were killed in a short time.

Frozen Soviet Soldier

ac11ce345b620c1e8057cb91dffd8525Source: imgur

The Finnish were no fans of the invading Soviet troops from Russia. They decided to use this frozen Soviet soldier’s body as a scare tactic to demoralize the approaching Soviet troops.

Swimming Lessons With No Pool

517c859a051df43eb8f958546da33e3dSource: imgur

In 1922, if you had no access to a pool but still wanted to learn how to swim, you had to make do.

Spontaneous Human Combustion Victim

ae5db010e1e7b40c8ead38b413a70064Source: imgur

This is a 1972 picture of a victim of spontaneous human combustion, where a person suddenly burst into flames for no apparent reason.

Collapsed Fire Escape

a8a1dd6e972e32ca1ffb3f60f986a95dSource: imgur

A babysitter and girl falling from a collapsed fire escape in 1975 during a fire. They were seconds away from being rescued by a fireman. The child survived by landing on the babysitter’s body.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

30b8f0b31d36d29eaf660e1ab2da2487Source: imgur

In 1937, if you lived in the city and wanted your kids to get some sun and fresh air during the day, this is what you got them! What could possibly go wrong?

Eerie Gravesite Photo

f780ade47fd1ad8389d032a6d2068bf8Source: imgur

In the early 1900’s, this photo was taken at a gravesite. The eerie visitor was not discovered until years later!

Monstrous Grasshopper

c1bb01725c17703de1367e263aca1e2eSource: imgur

This is a real photo from 1937 of a man in the American midwest after he had shot a grasshopper.

Staked Vampire Heart

44bcee8d29bf323e904a87ad34279425Source: imgur

Auguste Delagrange was supposedly a vampire who killed over 40 people. In 1912, he was killed and his killers even staked his heart, just in case.


fedd6fca7eead12430d831bd575fc0d3Source: imgur

In 1925, there was no Disney World! Instead, the happiest place on Earth (if you’re white) was KKKLand in Canon city, Colorado! Ps. KKKLand is not the real name of the amusement park.

A-Bomb Scars

811c648ff0e8698e56be3cdaa045255fSource: imgur

A Hiroshima A-Bomb victim shows his scars, 6 years after America dropped the bomb on the Japanese city. America would drop a second bomb on Nagasaki just 3 days later.

Who Needs Gun Control?

4553574f678418728887bf089b6ac9eaSource: imgur

The NRA would be proud of this bad boy. This is the “Punt Gun,” which could kill 50 ducks in one shot. It was so bad, they outlawed it IN THE 1860’s!

Terrible Human Being

99f3f6c1d947cdd413f805b80f7e99adSource: imgur

Turkey is responsible for the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Here’s a photo of a Turkish official teasing starving children with a piece of bread.

The Hindenburg Disaster

cfd460e0a7633209873695e44b969d22Source: imgur

While we all love airships from any steampunk themed movie or anime, real life airships proved to be quite dangerous. The Hindenburg disaster in 1937, which crashed in New Jersey, is the most notable example.

Tower Of Booze

c738250f873b7bac75ba09c8994b5ee9Source: 67

Witness the tower of booze. Unfortunately, this picture was taken in 1924, near the beginning of Prohibition. What followed could only be described as a crime against (drunk) humanity. The entire stash was set ablaze to rid the world of this alcoholic scourge.

Photographer On The 69th Floor

ac4642feb7ba3957d70ee12c63525de0Source: imgur

This photographer’s name was Charles Ebbets. He took his famous “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” photograph just after this picture was taken, in 1932. Behind him you can see New York City as seen from the 69th floor of the GE building.

Executing A Communist

6c810dc1e7b01cadeab1ac599fee924fSource: imgur

This picture of German soldiers executing a communist in Munich in 1919 might have been staged. It is unknown whether it is German propaganda or communist propaganda, but judging by how “bravely” the communist is standing, it’s probably the latter.

Boy And Dead Brother

34804524d0dbe6e827c42737fe6eebbbSource: imgur

This heart-wrenching 1945 photograph shows a young boy standing at attention after having brought his dead brother to a cremation site.

Anthony Biddle

2c53024dc01ea6e892c31c708b1bc1a1Source: i

This famous colonel’s name was Anthony Biddle. He was a hand-to-hand combat expert and dared his soldiers to try an kill him after surrounding him. They were never able to and he managed to disarm them all… everytime!

Hitler & Frostbitten Soldier

076b3820be3ab51e00efd6ba22b30f3aSource: imgur

This early 1940’s photo has Hitler comforting a frostbitten German soldier who tried to salute him.

Fell From Space

8f31035f75dc97dd772e2a8e3632e887Source: imgur

Vladimir Komarov, a Soviet cosmonaut, lost control of his space craft and fell to Earth, where he managed to successfully re-enter the atmosphere… only to have his space craft crash into the Earth in 1967. These are his remains.

Pyroclastic Flow

64a7d582019aa8988dceb3db443e9021Source: imgur

When Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted on June 17th, 1991, it spewed forth huge amounts of pyroclastic flow, which you see this truck attempting to escape. Pyroclastic flow can move in excess of 600 mph.

Bill Gates & The CD-ROM

96058358cc9efbe24e8e9fd2f2429e20Source: imgur

In 1994, Bill Gates demonstrated the efficiency of CD-ROM storage while introducing the new technology. The CD held more information than all the papers below him.

Passed-Out Guard

c8f81ca53507b0228a98595a9bbe03eaSource: imgur

This British foot soldier was either too hot, or too overwhelmed with Queen Elizabeth II’s visit, and passed out in June of 1970.

Saigon Execution Of War Criminal

3b32aa942cc5868f5f0d483cbede9744Source: imgur

In 1968, this Viet Cong war criminal was executed by the Saigon Police Chief. The photo was used by American anti-war activists, but did not tell the whole story. The photographer said he felt terrible for ruining the Police Chief’s life since he had been correct to execute the murderer, who had killed many government officials, as well as their families.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Mannequins After Fire

a22b905c34fe26a8586bbf6aaeeeb315Source: imgur

The mannequins that were damaged by a fire at Madam Tussaud’s famous Wax Museum in London in 1930.

Kids For Sale

d276b8154a0d14a6dd996970292edaa8Source: imgur

This woman (and her husband) had trouble keeping a roof over their heads and were unemployed, so they sold their kids in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The children did not have good lives and some were abused in their new homes. The mother never regretted her decision when they eventually found her, and didn’t love them. She had 4 more kids later.

Harvey Milk Verdict Riot

50672869c865c98ebc290a59682977e1Source: imgur

In 1979 San Francisco, when the judge returned a verdict of involuntary manslaughter for Dan White, who had killed Harvey Milk, the gay community lost it. This is a picture of the protest/riot that followed immediately afterwards.

MLK, Jr. Removes Burnt Cross

01a56276efcb600385242a129a36134aSource: imgur

After someone had set crosses on fire in front of a house, Martin Luther King, Jr. is seen removing their burnt remains from the grass.

Einstein’s Undisturbed Desk

fb849dc5970d6da62834779658832feeSource: imgur

Albert Einstein’s office in Princeton, New Jersey, the way he last left it. He would die later that night. [1955]

Babe Ruth’s 700th Homerun

8b22d2a2e6b61c395017a9ea7b586a94Source: imgur

On Friday the 13th 1934, Babe Ruth hit his 700th HR

The Unsung Beatle

48da5490a002c9063f4d682691f770aeSource: imgur

Jimmie Nicol filled in for Ringo Starr when he had tonsillitis. Here he is photographed after the tour, departing Melbourne Airport, on the cusp of returning back to his bland, normal life. [1964]

German Soldier Buries English Soldier

9fb3f37e210c6f82883893398405960dSource: imgur

A German soldier in WWII buries an unknown English soldier that was killed in air combat in the Egyptian desert.

Early 20th Century Mental Asylum

d8bf44429f5c4b219ee81e5a76e04b44Source: imgur

Asylum from the early 1900s. So creepy that these things are all over the US, just sitting abandoned.

Early Surfer

5527c036e2f74eb476c51dac2789af0bSource: imgur

Legendary Surfer Buzzy Trent with a Hawaiian “gun” surfboard getting ready to surf 40 foot waves (1955)

Check Out My New Ride

e9a1b642ea99160c02f900a5f1708e7fSource: imgur

In 1924 Ohio, these young men were enjoying their brand new vehicle. It traveled a mind blowing 25 miles per hour.

Space Invaders Championship

a8f42a41841e56583cf3a9efe9006884Source: imgur

The National Space Invaders Championship held by Atari in 1980.

First Chimp Back From Space

357a26df4b549a0b22b536dc797438abSource: imgur

A happy chimp holding a newspaper after surviving his trip to space.

Nuclear Test Near Las Vegas

be915c4f767f78a938fbc0d6e79df89eSource: imgur

A mother and her child in Las Vegas watching the nuclear testing just 75km away

It’s Lonely In Montana

6575f72b44526869cceff380ac626bc0Source: imgur

Before the advent of Tinder and, Woodsmen in Montana put out an advertisement. [1901]

Soviet In Berlin With Hitler’s Head

a3b519822bba7c45f9cc0430c2f420bdSource: imgur

A Soviet soldier carrying Hitler’s head, after capturing Berlin in 1945.

Queen Elizabeth II & Marilyn Monroe

7ffcc79038e91eadeadb7feafe85b6e1Source: imgur

In October of 1956, Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth at a film premiere in London. Both women were 30 years old at the time.

Earth Pic

4fab157e631b4553e18342cc0a3f9370Source: imgur

Michael Collins, the astronaut who took this photo, is the only human, alive or dead that isn’t in the frame of this picture, 1969

Girl With Doll During WWII London

225ff099cfa22e64f63b34a7282cd07dSource: imgur

Little Girl With Her Doll Sitting In The Ruins Of Her Bombed Home, London (1940)

Child With Bear During WWII

557de3b6e982bc3bc3e3bcc810b28fc1Source: imgur

Little Girl With Her Doll Sitting In The Ruins Of Her Bombed Home, London (1940)

Original Mt. Rushmore Plan

92f7e3abc2c1c4f1e96729e6268ff5daSource: imgur

The original prototype of Mt. Rushmore in 1941- this was before funding ran out.

Cathedral of Amiens In WWII

a749241f426f759f819eaf44504677d0Source: imgur

The inside of the Cathedral of Amiens during World War II.

Dear Hitler, Signed Gandhi

3338696fca72947cd3106a14c3ad7824Source: imgur

Letter from Gandhi sent to Adolf Hitler in 1939.

The B**C* Of Buchenwald


Ilse Koch, the “bitch of Buchenwald”, in captivity. Her atrocities involved making human skin lampshades. 1941

Priest & Dying Soldier

8a4cbc58cea68a45251d67cb46565d6dSource: imgur

The priest and the dying soldier, 1962

Final US Public Execution

6468bf7185656328ad4194cfef89a4afSource: imgur

The last ever public execution in the United States, 1936.

Civil War Rations For Prisoners

c939d43618699b6ea05a86cc26e18704Source: imgur

Union prisoners receive rations at Andersonville in 1864.

Meteor Bruise

2f42cd225fdd30be32e3066ad42f5dd9Source: imgur

The only person ever struck by a meteor, Ann Hodges survived and was left with this massive bruise. Dr. Moody Jacobs shows off this unbelievable tale of survival. [1954]

Manly Presidential Pitch

07fb3d151218b942737f97307931ca5aSource: imgur

President George H.W. Bush throws out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers’ opening night game in 1991, Arlington, Texas.

First Niagara Falls Survivor

1123a7ee5f2b6094ff8f969e97c7dce7Source: imgur

Annie Edison Taylor, the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, 1901.

James Bond Signs Coconut Autograph

60ba5a11df62cc9f35ee9836eebac3f5Source: imgur

Sean Connery signing a coconut for a Jamaican child on the set of Dr. No in 1962.

WWI Trench Warfare

15adae189bf3aad74cc14321c39f86d6Source: imgur

Trench Warfare captured by a British photographer during World War I. These are mortar rounds firing back and forth. [c. 1917]

USSR’s Kalinin K-7

8a12e557f54f91e2cd3c72ca4b12fa56Source: imgur

The Kalinin K-7 was a heavy experimental aircraft designed and tested in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s.

Japanese Assassination

da3c46e90262240ee3e02cf42a862634Source: imgur

Socialist Politician Asanuma as he was assassinated by 17-year old Yamaguchi in Tokyo, 1960.

Moving To/From Suburbs

88b6c5d24545b770067441ce902efc98Source: imgu

Moving day for the folks in the suburbs, 1950s.

Onions Are Too Much For Soldiers

2ec23fa7fe0d33ea0620069e3f0be619Source: imgur

Soldiers use gas masks to stop them from crying while peeling onions. [1941]

Civil War 50th Anniversary Reunion

7aa88df1a9d84bba6f9dc3c1135d64acSource: imgur

On the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, veterans of the Union and Confederacy reunite civilly, and shake hands. [1913]

Leaving Alcatraz

79b355fffb3df9b5c870562ac8e5818fSource: imgur

Last prisoners of Alcatraz leaving, 1963

Cuban Missile Crisis Briefing

685408ee2f15c819a583c0a8cab312d4Source: imgur

JFK and LBJ during the Cuban Missle Crisis (1962) – The crisis brought the US within an eyelash of World War III

Pre-WWII German Shooting Practice

49fe5e81767867ead0e8d3dd53e3cdbcSource: imgur

Shooting practice for German soldiers in 1935.

Einstein’s Desk

4371ed64e12b8eb6c806155f99f48f17Source: imgur

Einstein’s desk photographed a day after his death.

King Tut’s Sarcophagus

bff51584619f8561d30c469279409afdSource: imgur

The Greatest treasure find ever. Opening of King Tut’s sarcophagus (1924)

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger

0931871d53f89811430463550df6a557Source: imgur

The year was 1963, and it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first bodybuilding competition. He was 16 at the time.

Human Ashes At Concentration Camp

1ab6dd1b8d14a0fef4cd2ac53d0d3460Source: imgur

Soviet soldiers stand dumfounded at a large pile of human ashes found at the Majdanek concentration camp in 1944

Shell Shock

b9ffeee09f7802e312698fba73cc6bafSource: detonate

The Face of Crazy. The severe effects of shell shock, what we now know as PTSD, on a WWI soldier. 1919

Drug Advertisement

3c69e23be5f27eebcd53626a30c17509Source: imgur

Advertisement for Atabrine, anti-malaria drug, in Papua, New Guinea during WWII

Famous Mime

ecee51ac931023ebc92d50108d41c884Source: imgur

A photographer was walking through Central Park in 1974, when he ran into these young mimes. 30 years later, he realized he had photographed a young Robin Williams.

The Eagle’s Nest

e78c010e0a34888de3a1f7e694c6a0cfSource: imgur

Dick Winters and Easy Company (Band of Brothers) are pictured at Hitler’s residence, the Eagle’s Nest.

Famous Intern

dec72eba204ad510fa9109aad53bbc19Source: imgur

President Clinton poses with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, ever heard of her? [1995]

New Uniforms?

bbb26b421c93591cb381d659c0afac5bSource: imgur

Rescue at Rabaul, 1944

Twain & Tesla

ba085c907488726d44c8fc89fdd22ec3Source: imgur

Mark Twain inside the laboratory of Nikola Tesla (1894)

Safety First

012a9c8e80d5bb96a444b705cb5fb42aSource: imgur

The Telefontornet, which connected 5,000 phone lines in Stockholm. (1890)

Lifeguard On Duty

eb4eac9b874fe6d19ecc4198b5691c6dSource: imgur

Lifeguard on the coast, 1920’s


fdde43f16d316a223dfacd91dc6087deSource: imgur

This early photograph was developed and the image is shocking. There is no explanation. (1928)

Machu Pichu Discovered!

5773ea1ff30c8b726e5201aa116407dbSource: imgur

The first photograph upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1912

First Dog In Space

297b8c832497165c58458027fc07458cSource: imgur

Laika, the first dog in space, has her capsule built around her. No provisions were made for her return, and she died in orbit. [1957]

Young Morgan Freeman

065fe4f68619727fdd5bf4a2b9ed03a6Source: imgur

Morgan Freeman sporting an afro in one of his first television roles. (1974)

Baby Got Bass!

ff80dcc8be1535e5099dccd99e3aabfcSource: imgur

The World’s Record black sea bass caught by Edward Llewellen. It weighed 425 lbs. Allegedly, he brought it in alone. [1903]

General “Sideburns” Burnside

55e3d66c54a7894fc41b0695afb30a72Source: imgur

Ambrose Burnside Civil War General who coined the term “sideburn”

Winnie The Pooh

a588bef0a1e2386f8589eb6dc591a1e1Source: imgur

The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, ca. 1927

German Cannibalism Evidence

64c0f88c9473ad52a89ab1e252b1c2beSource: imgur

Artifacts and remains from an ancient city within Germany known as “Hexelheim”. It dates from over 7,000 years ago, and these items and bones show clear signs of flesh stripping in preparation for cannibalism.

Pool Closed For Decontamination

2d7f87a8bd7168e079fa93bd9c2adf66Source: imgur

This is a real dead body at the bottom of a swimming pool. The picture was captured during a photoshoot for the hotel. 2006

Cold War Standoff

fa83bf556385900a4f7e7a0dc7a43c6dSource: imgur

US Tanks facing Soviet Union Tanks at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin (1961)

Eagle 5, Coming In

f925c47683c3f49c1be6dc22891b0838Source: imgur

A B-17 Bombardier heading toward Germany during WWII. This is one of the few color photos taken from that era. [c. 1940’s]

Bomb Aftermath In London

688121417338f9a689521bb8933f3430Source: imgur

Wormwood Street in the city of London after the IRA detonated a truck bomb [April 24, 1993]

Blood Drinker

93e66afb83c900b8387338d234891c4bSource: imgur

Image of Loana the Bloodthirster, who died in 1909. It is purported her death was from the drinking of her own blood.

Say Your Prayers

25e747fcb8ac61d46c560d7038545c3dSource: imgur

This disembodied head was kept as a relic of the first “possessed” nun.

Source: detonate


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