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Science Says You Need These Things In Your House To Be Happy

Time for smart shopping and reorganization

Couple moving into new flat

Couple moving into new flat

It turns out that having a stylish, clean and organized house is not enough for feeling totally happy. According to the scientific research, even the color of the walls, the scent in the house and accessories matter. If you want to turn your house into the world of happiness consider changing the following things:

Yellow and green walls. If to trust Vrije University in Amsterdam, these are two colors that boost the feeling of happiness: green and yellow. You can simply make one wall of this color to make it stand out if the whole yellow room is too much for you, for example.

Fresh flowers. There is nothing worse than having plastic and fake flowers in the house. But the presence of fresh flowers can really awaken happy emotions and feelings. So don’t pass by the floral market next time.

Sensual pictures. If you still have a night stand empty, it is time to add there couple of frames with sensitive pictures, carrying old memories. The University of Portsmouth found out that watching such old pictures reveals positive feelings and brings the sense of calmness.

Having a journal. Yeep, keeping diary is actually not creepy but very helpful. Studies show that re reading the old memories and events brings the feeling of happiness to the reading person.

Made up bed. If you never make up your bed, this might be a reason why you have no mood. Making up your bed in the morning actually helps people to start the day with a right foot. This extra two minutes won’t cost much, but will make your room tidy and you – happy.

Source: indigodaily


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