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Successful People Never Say These 6 Words

Check your daily vocabulary and eliminate the usage of these words

Becoming successful is a combination of a hard work with mental games where both of the elements are key ones and can’t be underestimated. If you don’t believe in yourself, no knowledge or professional skills are going to help you. Building a strong mental background is the significant element. And avoiding the following words will help you to build a strong backbone:

Might. It means that you can’t promise for sure. The word shows the doubt and uncertainty or to highlight a possibility. When it comes to business this word is very solid, as you can’t guarantee anything…

Usually. When you deal with partners and apply the word – usually, it mostly concerns the situations you already faced. But you are still not sure what would you do when something goes off the road.

Won’t. It sounds kind of defensive in some ways even rude. It is rather personal word which should be avoided in the business world. Avoid using such strong words.

Likely. Nobody likes predictions when it comes to the money, and by using “likely”, you do nothing just project the possible future. Businessmen don’t need dreams, they need facts.

If Only. This is even stronger dream word than “likely”. By using this statement you clearly say that you can’t control anything unless some miracle happens.

Really. With this word you basically want to put an extra emphasis on something. But it just gives emotional contrast with no solid background. In the end of the day this “really” is no really so important.

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