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Mother Causes Lockdown After Stripping Naked In Front Of School In Dispute

WTF is going on here? Someone dropped some special dust in this ladies pot this morning. She went to a school, caused a scene and dropped her pants!

Shoutout to Omar with the classic find! He wrote: “This lady high on something came to my school and flipped shit she was asking for her child and then it happened”


“This was in Glendora high school it’s probably on the news already” The police reported the following info on the situation: The woman on the campus of Glendora High School acting erratically is now being detained by Glendora Police Officers.

It appears the lady does a series of dance moves and summersaults before exposing herself by pulling her pants down in front of students.

YEP! You read that right… Summersalts that lead to her exposing herself and shaking her ass in front of the students.

You can see her walking around the school here:

And here is the striptease…

Source: dudecomedy


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