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Internet Believes They Have Finally Uncovered ‘That’ Kylie Jenner Sex Tape

Just like big sis! It is her turn, next up to make a shitty Kardashian porno and make a nice $100 milli right?! Nope! This “sex tape” leaked on Twitter.


A story involving the youngest of the Klan caught fire on the interwebs today when it seemed someone had finally found that sex tape. They didn’t try selling it to TMZ tho. Just posted it on Twitter. That should have been Red Flag #1!

Wait is that Kylie Jenner?! Quick send it to everyone you know, tweet it, Instagram JUST GET IT OUT! It worked this story started picking up steam with the hopes to all these Jenner fans that Kylie was really smashing some dude in the dressing room of a Sears.


A fan tweeted her the video with the text:

@KylieJenner is this you? People are saying this is you. But I don’t believe it’s you unless you confirm it [HEART EMOJI]

Here is where shit gets really funny. The Jenner girls are the youngest of the Klan and carry the younger “demo” audience aka more little girls who just see them on E!. Not only did Kylie respond to this video below. She retweeted it. A “sex tape” that enough people thought looked like her that major news outlets covered it.

Here she is with cornrows. Could it be?!!


Now all of these little kids are seeing this. Such a classic Kim move.


Think about the business convo she had with someone in her family. “Did you see the sex tape that kind of looks like me come out”
“yeah, you know what you should do…” “WHAT?!”
“Post it, even tho it isn’t you it will get everyone talking about you and you can get a ton more lipstick sales bae” “Ok Bae”

Just faking that convo hurt my head. Brb drinking bleach.

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