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Cool Lipstick Hacks To Get Perfect Lips Every Time

Beauty is the main concern for every women and for that beauty, women goes for beauty products. And while looking at the beauty products, lipstick is forever at the top of our list. Lips are the first place of face where a person looks at first. So, girls out there, you all must be more bothered about your lips to make them appealing and attractive. So, it is necessary to put the perfect vibrant colors equally.

Lipstick, being the most prominent part of cosmetics of every youngster can help in changing your entire look and personality different. Filling your lips with lipstick can make your lips turns to be more beautiful, glossier and attractive.

Even though beauty comes from within, don’t miss our make up tricks that every woman should know about. Don’t be a make up genius as your lipstick can only make a big impact.

There is actually an art to apply lipstick. It don’t smudge, it don’t stain your teeth. Pamper your lips. We are sharing this article to show you the tips to apply lipstick properly to make your lips appear larger or smaller.

Here are some of the lipstick hacks :

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Trick 1 – Smooth Canvas

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Exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick. It will remove any dead skin cells giving a smooth canvas to work on. Your lips will look clean and elegant and feel soft. This simple trick will help in staying your lipstick for longer hours.

Apply your favourite lip scrub on your lips which will provide moisture and hydrates your lips. Your lipstick will run smoothly.

Don’t want to spend much, just go for simple home made scrub. Use a solution of sugar and honey to remove dryness of lips.

Trick 2- Coat Your Lips With Foundation

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Often, we buy the product by just looking at the shade falling in love with it but we are disheartened most of the times as that shade turns into something different on your lips. After cleaning your lips, a little foundation on lips will help in bringing out natural color of lipstick Blend the lipstick evenly on the lips using a flat brush to dissolve evenly for a thin layer.

Trick 3- For Long Lasting

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Ladies, don’t you feel sick when the lipstick just fades before you reach some occasion. It generally happens with almost all the ladies. But, now there is no need to worry as this golden trick will help you to stay the lipstick for longer hours without losing its glamour.

Apply a coat of your lipstick. Then, blot it gently with a tissue paper. Then, spread a little amount of radiant powder on your lips with a make-up brush. Repeat the same with another coat of lipstick. Now, you can see the results as your lipstick is locked for several hours.

 Source: candyreader


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