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This 4 Year Old Girl Can Speak 7 Languages

Astonishing small girl has won the hearts of judges and viewers!

When you take a look at this Russian, small, cute 4 year old girl, you see nothing but a fun, playful active kid who can’t stop moving. Nothing extraordinary until you ask her something in Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German or French. You will hear the small girl answering with no accent and understanding everything you say.

Bella Devyatkina made her first impression on the TV talent show, when she started to talk on seven different language without any trouble, switching from one language to another. Such a talent really amazed both the judges and millions of viewers. Since the TV show, the video of this small polyglot got viral. The girl was invited to numerous shows to demonstrate her skills and she always managed to understand all the challenging tasks and questions.

Most of ordinary people have a trouble with learning at least one additional language, right? So how did this small girl managed to? The mother of the girl said that father started to teach her English from the age of two. He noticed how fast she was in picking up words, so slowly-slowly parents decided to add more languages. Each language is taught by a native speaker, so by the age of three and a half she already spoke two language fluently. In the next six months she managed to learn two more. Impressive, right?

One of the Russian TV shows “incredible people” decided to test the skills of the girl, and she answered all the questions in 7 different languages proving that she does understand what she is asked.

So never say that it is impossible to learn the foreign language, this 4 years old girl can prove you are wrong.

Source: indigodaily


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