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Genius Ways To Visually Make Your Bathroom Bigger

These decoration tricks will make it look spacious

Not many of us are lucky to have large and airy bathroom. In majority of cases it is quite small where we try to fit there everything and at the same time make it look more or less free. These easy design tricks are going to help you out with this mission and make it possible:

Choose light palette. White or simply light palettes visually increase the room, while darker colors on the contrary make room look smaller. If you choose busy patterns with lots of ornaments they will make your eyes busy. Instead choose something light and easy to open up space.

If you have a chance change your shower curtain for glass door. Such a trick makes an impression that there is something else behind the glass. You can choose frosted glass or go for the totally clear one instead. It will have the best effect ever.

Use the space above toilet. You can’t get anywhere without placing toilet, but you can always use space above it. Like open shelves. Though don’t forget to close the lid, so nothing falls down.

Choose lights wisely. Don’t necessarily go for one big light. Instead choose some vanity-style sconces, as they can make even the tiny room more inviting. Plus they are very convenient for the ladies while putting make up.

Mirror. Big mirror is the key to making your room spacious. The one over sink is okay, but find some wall where you could place a really big mirror. It would expand the room visually and also reflect the light, especially if you have no window in the bathroom it might be handy.

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