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Five-Year-Old Boy Found Walking Home Alone To Avoid Bus Bullies

A young mum was left shocked when her five-year-old son didn’t get off his school bus on Monday. It transpired that he’d walked home alone to avoid bullies throwing spitballs at him.

Houma, Louisiana resident Kathleen Hotard’s son Kenneth was spotted on a roadside by a passer-by half a mile from his school, who then reported him to the police.


Kathleen Hotard. Image credit: WWL-TV

Kenneth had told his substitute teacher that he’d been given permission to walk home on a note written by his mum.

Kathleen said: ‘I usually can hear the bus come around the corner and I’ll walk to the edge of our driveway.

“The driver opened the doors and my child was not on the bus.”

Image credit: WWL-TV

She continued: “You get this pit in your stomach because you don’t know where your child is. You don’t know if they’re okay or if they’re crying for you.”

“Every week they throw spitballs, and they land on my ear,” Kenneth said of the situation.

The school’s superintendent told Kathleen they are looking into the case. However, she insists “accountability needs to be taken by the school.”

“I don’t want any other parent to ever have to feel what I felt. I don’t want any other child to be on a side of a road by themselves scared.”

Source: theladbible |ย Featured image credit: WWL-TV


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