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YouTuber Breaks Into Drug Dealer’s Abandoned Mansion

Are you truly a drug kingpin until a vlogger discovers your abandoned mansion? Probably not. Are you truly a drug kingpin until you’ve owned a mansion and then sacked it off without explanation or warning? Definitely not.


There’s no big context to this video of YouTuber Exploring With Josh sounding out an empty, rotting mansion with some mates. We know that (his words) an old lady reportedly lived there and grew a bit of weed, and subsequent to that someone/body/bodies came in after and ramped up the process. That’s what Josh lad says anyway. He says a load more but it just seems like speculation. He also says ‘uniquenest’, twice, so I think he’s about as reliable as the narrator in Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘American Psycho’.

What we know for certain is that it’s in a wood and everything looks a bit debauched.


Image credit: YouTube/Exploring With Josh

There’s the pool, the chandelier and, for whatever reason, a giant golden clam for a hot tub. That’s literal, not metaphorical.

There’s also a kids’ play room full of toy cars and a tent. It’s like a really aggro version of MTV classic Cribs. Skip to around a minute-and-a-half.

Josh has previously visited abandoned churches, hotel resorts, hospitals and asylums. He’s a 21st century Judith Charmers. You can see more of his work right here.

Alternatively, you can move on with your day. Your decision.

Source: theladbible | Featured image: YouTube/Exploring With Josh


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