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El Chapo Is ‘Going Crazy’ In Prison Because He’s Not Getting Enough Sex

Emma Coronel, the wife of Mexican drug lord El Chapo, has spoken out after prison authorities have cut their sexy-time to just two hours a week. Which actually seems like quite a lot to me, but there we are.

Furthermore, she worries that due to the treatment he’s receiving from prison guards, he’s going to ‘go crazy’ or that he might die, and has filed a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission, according to the New York Post.

Mexico Drug Lord Extradition El Chapo getting arrested and looking at his wife, disappointed that they won’t be able to go like rabbits anymore. Credit: PA

The model, who is definitely with El Chapo for his sparkling personality, humanitarian causes, charity work and not his money, claims that the lack of intercourse is giving the convict/escape artist depression, memory loss and hallucinations. Happens to all of us, pal.

26-year-old Emma, who has two children with El Chapo, real name Joaquin Guzman, claims that the prison is treating him badly to ‘get even’ after he embarrassed them by escaping.


Coronel talking to reporters after visiting the Inter-American Commission On Human Rights in Washington. Credit: PA

El Chapo told his doctor that being held in isolation, having his time for ploughing the field slashed, and being woken every four hours for roll calls was ‘psychological torture’.

However, national security head Renato Sales Heredia told a local radio station that since his transfer to the Juarez prison, he has had plenty of visits from relatives and has “not been subjected to torture or any degrading inhuman treatment.”


Source: theladbible | Featured image: PA


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