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Biker Films Goodbye Video For Family After Brutal Crash

Kevin Diepenbrock was left with punctured lungs, broken ribs and spinal fractures after hurtling 50ft off an embankment.

He recorded the video after smashing into the back of his friend and co-worker who suddenly braked.

The collision sent the pair hurtling 50ft off an embankment, which killed 29-year-old Phillip.


He was covered in blood and dirt while mice and chipmunks scurried over his body, apologising to his family for “being stupid”.

He was airlifted to hospital 27 hours after crashing when a couple heard his cries for help on the side on the road.

With no service to call for help, he decided to make a ‘final goodbye video’ for him family and friends.

Source: dudecomedy


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