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Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids

There are certain things that your child shouldn’t see…

There are no perfect parents and will never be. We all make mistakes while trying our best to bring up the child in the best way. But sometimes parents forget that they are the first and best example for their kids and most of the behavior patterns  kids pick from nobody else but their mom and dad. That’s why it is essential to be attentive and careful in things you do in front of your kids:

Getting drunk. Seems to be so obvious and stupid to mention right? But sometimes parents do need a drink, even two. Nothing wrong with that. Having a baby is kind of stressful, but know your limits, there is a difference between having a glass of wine and getting totally wasted. You are a parent now, be responsible.

Smoking. It is okay if you decided to waste your health, it is totally your conscious decision, but your child has nothing to do with that. So save your kid and never ever smoke in the house where your kid is playing.

Fighting with your spouse. Kids are very sensitive to parent’s fight. Growing in the atmosphere where raised voices are a usual thing will make your kid believe it is absolutely normal. So no doubt he will have his own family pattern created when he grows up.

Embarrassing. As it was mentioned before, parents are the main example for a kid. And if your child sees every single day how mom is making fun of dad all the time, pointing out his drawbacks and bad traits or father neglecting mom and paying zero attention are not the best ways to bring up your child.

Remember that kid is like your small copy, you will be surprised to see “small you” walking around the house.

Source: indigodaily


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