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Guy Films Intercourse With Bosses Daughter Then Releases Footage After Quitting

Last two weeks of work! Fuck it! This dude decided to go out of work with a bang… Literally.

I know what you are thinking at first glance. What it is just intercourse with two adults that he just happened to film. WRONG!

This dude hooked up with the bosses daughter on his way out of work.

We saw a similar video a few months ago that showed a guy pulling this move in the office bathroom. This dude posted his fornication video for the entire office to enjoy.


The entire 2-min clip was emailed to the entire office with the title, “Banging the bosses daughter in back of his restaurant”


That will show his boss for making him scrub those floors and flipping those pizzas!


I guess I haven’t worked a real job long enough to know the anger that builds up in an employee. This dude must have been at rage level 10/10 and then some.


Props to the boss, he has a banging daughter. Even more props to this ugly ass dude for pulling a chick like this.


This seems to be a new trend where people are giving their 2-week notice by sliding into the higher ups children.


Savage man. I could never watch a video of my ugly ass doing the deed.

Man people are wild. I would never post me banging on the internet…


This dude isn’t me! Here is the video:

Source: dudecomedy


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