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Former Area 51 Worker Might Have Revealed A Secret While Pissed Up

Had it not been for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas there’s a chance that a lot of us really couldn’t care less about Area 51.

In the game, ‘Area 69’ is loosely based on the real thing, and comes with the same real-life conspiracy that it has involvement with UFOs and aliens. Due to our incompetence to want to learn anything in school, GTA was a good starting point to teach us a little something about ‘Paradise Ranch’.



It’d be really disappointing to find out that inside the real Area 51 there isn’t a jet pack, a health and armour spawn, and a minigun, or that flying above it gives you a four-star wanted level. But any revelations about it would be cool to hear. Of course, given that so little is known about Homey Airport, as it’s actually called, when someone who previously worked there mentions a bit of info, you’re going to believe it.

A YouTuber used to live next door to an ex-military man from the base and, as you’d expect, he pestered him for information regarding the base. It just so happens that during a power outage, when he got blind drunk with his neighbour, he revealed some secrets about aliens.

He says that he was told that ‘bad aliens’ and ‘good aliens’ both live on two separate stars on Orion’s Belt. Apparently, the ‘bad’ ones are ‘brown-coloured, very tall and they smell’, whereas the ‘good’ ones are similar to what we see in films and books.

Credit: black biggot

It’s a good thing to be debated, to be honest. On the one hand, the man in the video can protest that it’s true, as he heard it from the horse’s mouth. On the other hand, however, everyone can just accuse the man of being more pissed than George Best on a stag do and rambling about Star Wars garbage. On the third hand of this very odd, very peculiar, three-handed being, if you pose any questions about the authenticity of the claims to the CIA, they’re probably not going to comment on it.

Anyway, let’s throw it on top of the pile of Bush did 9/11, Tupac is alive, Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, Britney Spears has a penis, John Lennon was a scorpion, and Yer Da is genuinely a sound guy.

Source: theladbible |ย Featured image: YouTube/Flickr


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