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Welcome To The Plastic Village…..

These House Estate is actually built from 1 MM Recycled Bottles

When you look at this building for the first time, you might not even notice the weird material it is made of. This innovating Panama’s Plastic Bottle Village has buildings where walls are totally completed with recycled plastic bottles. Originally the idea was to initiate the recycling process of drinking bottles, but in the hands of Canadian entrepreneur, the plan turned into architectural challenge, which led in result to re-usage of million plastic bottles instead of a simple waste.

The building process started from 2012, this is the time when dozens of bottles were delivered to the small town to decorate the buildings. They are places in steel cages and stones are used to fill in the gaps. The structures are covered with a solid layer of cement both inside and outside, so in the end they look like concrete, just with a creative touch from outside.

However bottles also provide a great insulation for the houses, at the same time allowing the air flow, so house manages to stay cool during the hot weather. It has been recorded that temperature is 17 degrees cooler inside comparing to the outside. That’s a relief for the locals for sure.

Such bottled houses already occupied 100 acres of land amidst the tropical jungle, which belongs now to the Plastic Bottle Village. It is planned to complete around 100 such construction in the future. Meanwhile, besides residential houses it is planned to build few public buildings, like a public park and pavilion for yoga training.

The founder of the Plastic Bottle Village is trying to teach the other how to use this cheap but effective material for building houses, which would solve two problems- reduce the cost of the construction and eliminate waste.

Source: indigodaily


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