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5 Car Hacks To Ease Your Life

Having a car means constant care, check and attention

Car owners always have the same challenge – to take care of their car in order to extend its lifespan. But as you know, car engineers tend to be very expensive and cost you a fortune if you tend to come back to them once every tiny problem shows up. Thanks God you can do many thing by yourself, just follow these hacks:

Shaving cream is not just for shaving you. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, you will simply need a bucket, soap couple of rags and brush. But, if you have some oil stains, you can remove them with a shaving cream. Leave a bit of foam on the stain for few minutes and gently rub.

Vaseline. Can be applied in various spheres of your life, including the car battery. If you want to prevent the corrosion Vaseline might be of a great help. First of all you need to clean the battery terminals at least sometimes. You can clean it with a mixture of baking soda and water, with petroleum addition. The last touch should be Vaseline – it will save your batteries for a while from corrosion.

Make the car air freshener by yourself. Cheap, homemade and effective. You will see no difference. You can use herbal tea or some fragrance to make a freshener. Just put the herbs into the tea bag or tea and cover with a big piece of cloth and close the bag with a tape. Use another rope to hang it in your car and your homemade freshener is ready.

Clean resin with alcohol. Usually you end up with traces of resin on your car when you leave for a long time in the shade of a tree. But don’t try to remove it with scraping. Easy cleaning can be done with a piece of cloth damped in denatured alcohol.

Don’t forget about Coca Cola. Have you noticed how dirty your glass and windshield gets after a heavy rain? Just pour some coke over the window, the soda from beverage will remove all the stains. But make sure to cover the rest of the car with some towel. Once the window is clean, rinse it with a clean water.

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