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Innovating Floating Jellyfish Is Aimed To Fight With Pollution

This futuristic equipment is designed to combat pollution and grow plants at the same time

Pollution has became an issue number one in the majority of big cities. There is a number of  projects in progress on how to minimize the influence of technology boom and actually heal our atmosphere along with water. One of such projects has been presented by Janine Hung – Jellyfish Lodge, specially crafted for the Inhabitat’s Biodesign Competition.

The construction is powered by solar system and has couple of functions and goals. On one hand it contains a garden, where you can grow up to four types of various fishes along with such plants like lettuce and basil. On the other hand, one of the key achievements of this jellyfish is the ability to catch the garbage that is thrown away inside the water system and test the water’s level of toxicity. It is all done thanks to the tentacles the construction is equipped with. Once the garbage gets trapped in the tentacles it goes round the microbial chambers, that are responsible for water cleaning. Once it is filtered it goes back to the water system or might be also kept in special tanks. The cleaned water can be used for domestic purposes.

The other creative thing about the Jellyfish Lodge is its form. It contains a living area inside, along with kitchen and even a compost toilet. This innovating construction can really bring life back to the unsafe waterways and turn them to the people’s benefit.

The construction got a very positive feedback on the competition, and now it is a matter of time and wish of the higher authorities on how and when to implement this equipment. Clean future is not so far away.

Source: indigodaily


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