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Things You Should Never Try On Your Skin

Due to the big number of DIY projects it gets harder to see which ones are worth of trying

Homemade remedies are getting more popular among users thanks to natural ingredients, high efficiency and low budget. But there are certain items which you shouldn’t apply on your skin, if you try to avoid irritation, acne and possible allergic reactions:

Baking soda

Might be a great tool in house cleaning, but be quite dangerous when it comes to the skin, as it changes the normal acidity of the skin along with enzymes and skin flora.

Lemon juice

It is often recommended to use in order to lighten the dark spots on the face. But it can also burn your skin due to the low pH. So think carefully before applying the high acidic lemons, as they can cause extra peeling and inflammation.


First of all it was never designed for face usage, however you might have heard rather often how to use the paste against the acne. Due to the alkaline and additional flavors in the toothpaste is has nothing healthy for your skin. Moreover if it contains fluoride, skin can have a rather bad reaction to it.

Hot water

Hot showers are not the best option for skin cleaning, as it can rinse away your natural oil. For face washing – room temperature is the best one.

Rubbing alcohol

While it can treat the pimples, it doesn’t mean you should use it as a usual remedy against acne. It can only prepare your skin before applying other cures, but it is not recommended for daily usage.
Keep you skin healthy with natural remedies, but choose wisely.

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