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She Put Makeup On Her Eyes. After A Minute I Could Not Believe That This Is Possible!

Many women would like to be the owner of large and beautiful eyes that attract attention at first sight. Someone lucky with genetics and someone remove this “problem” with the help of make-up. But many women don’t have any idea how to do makeup to make their eyes look bigger. If you are also one of them, then this post is for you.

Today we are sharing a makeup tutorial to make you eye look bigger. After watching this video, you would be thankful to technology, demonstrated in the video, to help you to replicate this procedure at home. Have a look on next page.

1453880777_eye-makeupSource: candyreader

Here Is The To Make Your EYE Look Bigger.

1453880972_eye-makeup-tutorialSource: candyreader

Watch the below video to learn this makeup, But before going to video, here is a list of things you will need:

• base for the shadow

• white pencil

• dark brown or black shadows

• liquid black eyeliner

• black pencil

• brushes and applicators

• black mascara.

Also, you need to have patience. Perhaps the first time make-up will fail. But with time, you can master this technique.

Source: candyreader


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