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A Woman Is Suing KFC Because Her Family Bucket Wasn’t Full Enough

A woman is suing KFC for $20,000,000 because her family-bucket didn’t look the same as it did in the advert.


Anna Wurtzburger, who I can only assume has a hell of a lot of time on her hands, bought the meal over the summer from her local branch in New York as a ‘rare treat’ but she was left absolutely fuming when she opened it and saw that it wasn’t as full as the bucket on the advert.

Speaking to the New York Post, she said: “I came home and said, ‘where’s the chicken?’ I thought I was going to have a couple of meals.”



Anna was so angry she went ahead and called KFC’s headquarters to complain. Honestly, she did. They told her that the chicken in the advert was displayed prominently in the bucket so that the ‘public could see the chicken’.

That seems fair enough, but it wasn’t enough for Anna, who said: “If you want the public to look at your chicken, put it in a dish. It’s a lot of BS… I expect to get what you’re telling me.”

Anna has somehow found a lawyer who is willing to pursue this bizarre case, where she’s asking for $20MILLION in damages. She also wants to make sure KFC change their advertising in future.

Your move, KFC.

Source: theladbible | Featured image credit: PA


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