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There Is An Exclusive Social Media App Just For Rich

Are you ready to pay 1000 $ per month for using social network?

Not many of us can imagine our life without social nets, right? We can truly admit that we spend a great amount of time checking Facebook, Twitter and so on. Rich people also have their weaknesses, they just cost a bit more. Therefore a new application “Rich Kids” was designed, offering its users exclusive opportunity to talk only with the network who has a rather thick wallet.

Basically you can download the app and even register, designers of the application even encourage you to do that, so you could get motivated or inspired by rich people around you. The only problem is that you can’t post anything until you pay the premium fee. And it does cost more than somebody’s month rental payment – 1000$ for social network? Let me think about it.

The slogan of the application sounds like this: “Being rich is boring if nobody sees it”. That’s why the network was created in the first place to be noticeable and the most exclusive.

Rich Kids will make people with cash stand out and actually narrows the circle of communication by interests and social status. If you think who would even throw that amount of money for the social network, the son of fashion designer Roberto Cavalli already showed his interest in the net along with European socialites. The application has a good goal as well, besides promoting the wealth – the third part of the income will go for charity, mainly for helping kids in poverty.

Source: indigodaily


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