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Guy Rolls Car While Filming Himself Singing Terribly

HOLY S*IT! This dude was belting out his lungs, next thing you know the car is rolling.

I think the car drove itself off the road to get away from that singing.


Before you get pissed at us for making fun of a dead dude check what he wrote: Disclaimer: he didn’t die:


I was going 70mph (speed limit) on I65 north. I travel the 3-4 hours by myself every time and use singing as a way to pass time, and critique it later. At this point I was practicing a nasal type voice on a Casting Crowns song when the crash happened. I was watching the road and saw nothing that caused me to worry. Simply hydroplaned in a heavy rain. Here are two of the most amazing parts: I sustained NO injuries. Not even a scratch. And my car took NO mechanical damage and is completely driveable. Only body damage. WILD!

Source: dudecomedy


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