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Punish teenage girls that adopted puppy, later hung and shot him for fun!

punish-teenage-girls-that-adopted-puppy-later-hung-and-shot-him-for-funTwo teenage girls from Khabarovsk, Russia have taken the world of social media by storm after it was revealed they have been looking to adopt puppies and cats and later put them down in the most inhumane way. A Russian blog posted the shocking information and pictures – while the exact number of their victims still remains unknown, far too many animals have died in pain in the hands of these deranged students. I am asking the authorities to launch an immediate investigation into this matter and strictly punished these girls, because this behavior – especially at such a young age – is abhorrent and outrageous and can perhaps lead to further victims (both human and non-human).

The name of the girls are Alina Orlova and Kristina Konoplya. On VKontakte, a popular Russian social media site, the two have publicly denounced all animals, claiming they completely despise such creatures and have vowed to make them suffer. The students are looking for ads in the local media about puppies that are available to adoption. ‘Free to good hands’ is their favourite type of ad. Putting on their innocent looking appearance, the two have managed to gain the trust of numerous pet owners and rescuers / volunteers who, for various reasons, were unable to keep the pets. Promising to look after them carefully and be their best friend, the girls managed to get ahold of dozens of innocent animals. They all died later in their hands.

Take the puppy in the photo for instance. This little fellow was so glad to be adopted, but little did he know what the two had prepared for him. They took the sweet, gentle puppy to an abandoned facility outside the city and hit him with a hammer repeatedly. They later hung the poor animal and shot him, before posting photos on social media, bragging about how much fun they had.

On other occasions, the girls, who study at the Khabarovsk College of Technology, would publicly post photos of their next victim and ask the social media users how they should be ending the animal’s life. They made no secret of what they were doing and were actually extremely proud of their actions.

Please support this petition and help bring these heartless girls to justice. According to current laws, the two face only a maximum fine of 20, 000 Russian Ruble (which is about $320). This is completely outrageous and unacceptable. This is what they lives of all these innocent animals are worth in the eyes of the Russian law? These deranged, irresponsible teens are guilty beyond any shadow of doubt and need to be harshly punished. Please support this petition to ensure they are taken off the streets and sent to either a detention facility or a mental institution.

It is clear that the two will not stop unless apprehended! Please help bring justice to all the animals that perished in the hands of Alina Orlova and Kristina Konoplya and sign the petition now!



Kristina Konoplya


Alina Orlova


The two posted a photo of the dog shortly after adoption.


Little did the dog know what the girls had in store for him.


They bashed the dog with a hammer repeatedly.


They later hung and shot him and posted these disturbing photos online.

News Sources (Russian):

Here is another (Massacre) story about the girls:

Punish college girls that bashed puppy with hammer until it died and smiled for photo!

Source: dailypetition


18 thoughts on “Punish teenage girls that adopted puppy, later hung and shot him for fun!”

  1. Mandy Marsden says:

    Please let me sign a petition or something to help the link doesn’t work, if nothing is properly done about this then the law of that country is ineffective and a failure, raising children into barbarians.

    1. loopfy says:

      Hello Mandy,

      we have sent you an email with further information.

      Thanks for your support!

      – Patrick

  2. Michelle says:

    So what’s being done about this? One article says something about them being arrested, but I want to make sure. This is absolutely disgusting!!! I signed another petition about this as well I’m hoping that these girls are brought to justice. And aren’t able to do this to another animal. This is absolutely disgusting.

    1. Maria says:

      Hi. I’m from Russia. I can ensure both of the girls will be facing charges. One of them was arrested while trying to escape from the city. Allegedly she confessed she’s guilty. The other one has parents from the upper class (a prosecutor and a high-ranked military officer). She was named an eyewitness in the case but according to Russian news, she’s a suspect now. They both can face a fine up to 300 thousands roubles or the deprivation of liberty for a term of up to two years. There are many petitions on Russian sites and it is discussed in the media. There is info that State Duma can change the Criminal Code so there would be harsher punishment against animal abuse.

      1. Laurel says:

        Thanks for the update, Maria. If you could give us any more news or updates, it would be appreciated. This is so upsetting.

      2. susank13 says:

        The torture and murder of animals is a gateway to murdering people. These human beasts are psychopaths. It is imperative that Russian authorities investigate whether or not these women have been involved in human murders. This type of behavior is unfathomable.

  3. josh says:

    How can you do something like that to an innocent creature?
    Those cunts deserve to be in jail. $350 fine and let these psychos walk the streets?

    1. Tom says:

      Init they need be stoned

  4. serena sanchez says:

    the link does not work for the petition

    1. loopfy says:

      Hello Serena,

      The link works we have tested it.

      Click (Continue to Website) at the top right of the website. If you want sign up for the Petition via your phone.

      Thanks for your support!

      – Patrick

  5. Jennifer says:

    My i have the link to the petition? please

    1. loopfy says:

      Hello Jennifer,

      Click (Continue to Website) at the top right of the website. If you want sign up for the Petition via your phone.

      Thanks for your support!

      – Patrick

  6. John says:

    These girls deserve to die… No amount of time in prison will be ANYTHING to what pain and suffering they have caused… And for no reason other than pure evil

  7. Crystal says:

    They are not human. Put them down.
    Hang them, shoot them give them the needle. These sick individuals deserve nothing less.

  8. Sue cooper says:

    This is sick. Rusdia, you should be ashamed of youself. These girls should be severely punished. Never allow them to have anothe animal.

  9. Kracey says:

    Those skanks need to get a life if killing puppies is what they call fun. Don’t they have clubs and cute Russian guys in Russia.
    If you hurt innocent children or animals you should be put to death. They will do that to a person if they could get away with it.

  10. Diane Leef says:

    Breaks my heart. I would have publically brought them out and had the ones leg chewed off and the other her hand by the dogs! See how they walk together again! Bitches should have been put into the fox house. Putin where’s your hand! Are you Russians that crazy? No more Ritalin for you!

  11. Ashten says:

    Excuse my french, but fuck those two little cunts they deserve to die

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