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Pornhub Offers Chad Kelly Deal Of A Lifetime After He Struck Out With Mia Khalifa

I need to go back to school and get good at football so I can get shot down by pornstars only to get better offers down the road!

Pornhub is run by a group of thugs. The good kind of thugs I just don’t want to use the overused word of the min. SAVAGE!.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the site these last few weeks 1) welcome back. 2) what the hell man?! 3) Mia Khalifa shredded Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly not once, but twice after he slid into her DMs.

Pornhub to the rescue!

They can’t help him with Khalifa who was for a time the most popular “performer” on their site—but in an open letter to Kelly, Pornhub VP Corey Price lays out another option to go on a date with a porn star and get coached by the smut site on how to charm her.

Read all about it here:


If you were Chad and got to pick one of these 3 girls to go on a date with who are you picking? Option 4. “Other”

These are based off of Pornhub’s current rankings I know Lisa is retired but maybe she would make the perfect coach:

#1 Lisa Ann


#2 Riley Reid


#3 Dillion Harper


Tough choice there Chad!

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