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103-Year-Old Man Dies At The Same Time And Date He Was Born

A 103-year-old man died at the exact same time and date he was born. Okay, not the EXACT same date before you all get clever on me, but the same day and month.

Jimmy Newell was born on October 11, 1913, to ‘the sound of bells ringing at Leeds Town Hall’ right at noon. We know this as apparently it was a story he loved to often tell.

His son, Graham, said: “He died exactly at the time he was born and I believe that this reflects his determination not to short change anyone.

“He was a totally honourable man who has left an amazing legacy for all his family. He will be truly missed by all those who knew and loved him.”

Jimmy with his great-grandson. Credit: SWNS

According to The Mirror, Jimmy had suffered from a nasty fall a couple of weeks prior to his death.

Graham continued: “[My dad] certainly died holding my hand at exactly midday on his birthday while I was on the phone to my son.

“I told my son he had just died and we checked the time – and it was exactly 12 noon to the minute. It was on the dot.”

Jimmy lived an incredibly interesting life, and was one of those responsible for the computerisation of the banking industry. In fact, he is believed to have been responsible for the first ever wall cash point in London.

He had two kids, plus five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Source: theladbible | Featured image: SWNS


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