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Intriguing Facts About Dreams

Researchers found out few interesting facts about dreaming

Dreams are like another world of yours. They are exciting, bright and full of fantastic events. Sometimes you wish you could live in the dream, the other times you wish you could wake up at this very moment. However scientists still don’t know exactly why we dream, but instead they figured out many things happening while we are dreaming:

Everybody dreams, no matter if you are a man, a woman or a child. Average person has few dreams during one single night which can last from 5 to 20 minutes. Scientists counted, that a person spends around 6 years of life dreaming!

Not everybody has colorful dreams. For sure you have one of those friends, claiming that they see black and white dreams. It might be true, as there is a certain percentage of population who actually see them like in an old black and white movie.

Male and female dreams are quite different. According to researchers, men tend to have more aggressive dreams, while beautiful part of the world has longer dreams and usually contain more participating characters.

Did you know that you can take control over the dreams? The condition when you realize that you dream is called lucid dream. This is the time when you can actually be in charge of your dream and even direct the plot. The majority of people do remember to have at least one such lucid dream.

Blind people can also see dreams. Even those who lost their vision before reaching the age of 5 can still dream. The quality of dreams is the same, but instead of bright visual senses, they take more information from other senses, like smell and sound.

You are paralyzed during the sleep. This condition is called as REM atonia and this phenomenon prevents you from moving out your dreams while you are in bed. That’s why your body doesn’t move at all.

Source: indigodaily


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