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8 Make Up Tricks To Save Your Time, #7 Is Very Helpful If You Want Fuller Lips

Are you new to the art of makeup? You want to look your best without putting in extra efforts and time? You do not have to confuse yourself by reading several makeup tips online or watching makeup videos. I know it is depressing when you cannot follow their methods and still look horrible with that extra make-up on.

Here we provide you excellent tips for getting ready for a function or your office without any hustle.


 Source: candyreader

1. Apply A Red Lipstick On Your Dark Circles.

red-lipstick-cover-up-2Source: prevention

It may sound bizarre but it is the simplest trick one can afford. You will get a natural look if you smear red lipstick under your eyes. Do not doubt as there is science involved. Opposites on the color wheel cancel out each other or neutralize each other thus resulting in a natural look. You must use a brush to spread the lipstick effectively and then blend it with a concealer.

2. Curl Your Eyelashes While Applying The Eyeliner

eyeliner-on-the-eyelash-curlerSource: prevention

Would life be easy if you do not need to spend five minutes applying the eyeliner perfectly and then another ten minutes trying to curl your eyelashes? If you draw a line on the edge of your eyelash curler, the liner will be automatically applied to your eyelid. Don’t be surprised when it will not even smudge!!

3. Kool-Aid For Your Lip Stain!

kool-aid-2Source: prevention

If you apply cherry flavored Kool-aid on your lips using just you one finger, you can turn your lips into deep red color and have a gorgeous look. Who needs a lipstick when you have Kool-Aid at home?

4. Create Your Own Lip-Gloss

peppermint-oilSource: prevention

If you are tired of trying a million lip-glosses and still cannot turn your lips shiny, here is a simple life hack. Add few drops of peppermint oil to your own lip gloss and apply it properly. You will be so satisfied to see the result as the gloss will remain on your lips for a much longer duration and you do not have to waste your time reapplying it.

5. Get A Cat Eye Using A Spoon!

finished-cat-eye-with-a-spoon-3Source: prevention

Hold a spoon at the corner of your eye and draw a straight line across its curve. Then join the straight line from your eyelid towards the end of the line you just drew. This will help you have a flawless winged look in just two minutes.

6. Hairspray As An Eyebrow Gel

hairspray-eyebrow-gel-1Source: prevention

In this day and age, brow gels are highly expensive. Thus, you can just spray the hairspray on your eyebrow brush and apply it on your eyebrows.

7. Have Fuller Lips Using Your Concealer.

concealer-on-lips-1Source: prevention

If you don’t like your thin lips then you can just apply a concealer over the outline of your lips and then apply a red lipstick on the whole area. It will give you more fuller lips and you may like how you look with them.

8. Get Rid Of Blackheads In An Easy Way

1457423932_vsSource: candyreader

Blackheads have been a problem for people since ages and who has the time to go to a salon to get them removed? Here is a simple trick for you to unclog the blackheads sitting at home. Vaseline and Saran Wrap can be used to remove those terrible blackheads that surround your nose and face. You must apply a thick layer of Vaseline and then cover it with a saran wrap. This helps in opening up the pores and then, you can gently squeeze out the blackheads.

Source: candyreader


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