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Stunning Pictures Of Floating Furniture In French Polynesia

Perfect design in a perfect destination


When you come to look at the shop for some latest design innovations, all of the furniture pieces are displayed right in front of you. Or if you browse internet, you just click next and go through very fast until you see something catchy and extraordinary that would fit your room. The photographer Gray Malin decided to use a new way of attracting people to design objects by placing them in rather unique areas. His latest series of pictures “Art of living” is aimed to change the way people usually see the pieces of furniture.

how about such a bedroom?

What did he do? Instead of displaying his pieces on the carpets or shelves, he placed them amidst the transparent waters of French Polynesia. The mirrored platform was chosen on purpose to reflect both modern furniture along with crystal waters that serve as background. When you look at these pieces, you definitely stay mesmerized by both beautiful design and amazing landscape.

Entrance to paradise:

The 15 foot square platform is also handcrafted by the local engineers and just complements the form the of the furniture. Photographer decided to take pictures from a vantage point, when the huge mountain serves as a symmetrical and just beautiful background.

The artist achieved the effect of surprise and wonder by placing the furniture in unusual environment – open air, letting the pictures show how nature goes hand in hand with human made furniture.

Such an art triggers the viewers to see design from another angle. Very innovative!

Source: indigodaily


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