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Homeless Man Builds The Most Insane Secret Home In The Tunnels Of NYC

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know it’s expensive. Taxis aren’t cheap, food prices are outrageous, and don’t even get me started on rent. Even if you’re staying just for a night, you’ll probably have to pay well over $100 for a room. Just imagine how much it costs to live there.


It’s no wonder that the city is flooded with homeless people. I’m sure I’d end up sleeping on a park bench cuddled up with newspapers if I dared to move there. One solution is just to build your own home. I’m not talking about a pillow fort in the middle of Central Park.

New York City is a crazy expensive place to live, that is unless you’re willing to get down and dirty. A homeless man named Carlos created his own home under a train station, and his digs are pretty sick. Equipped with a coffee machine, a gas cooker, and a mini fridge, this man’s humble abode is probably nicer than a lot of New Yorker’s places. And it’s rent-free.

A video of Carlo’s secret underground home went on YouTube back in 2010, and it has over 1.7 million views. Recently the video has resurfaced thanks to Reddit, and once again we can commend this man’s brilliance. Sure, it might be terrifying to jump down a hole, and the shriek of trains is probably dreadful, but you have to admit he’s living the good life. Check out what some Redditors said about Carlos’ home.


“How did he get that fridge down there?”


“I’d be too afraid of someone blocking the door with a large object and making it so i couldn’t get out”


“I always wonder what happened to that guy during the floods. I hope all is well for him.”


“This guys life is dependant on someone not sitting on that lid”


“I feel like I’d be happy living in a place like that if it has internet, a toilet and a shower.”

All things considered, Carlos’ home is pretty impressive. Sure, I wouldn’t be dying to live in a dirty hole under a train station, but it’s better than the alternative. And he even has a mini fridge? This guy’s going places.

Source: theladbible


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