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The Most Believed Myths Are Finally Banned

Stop believing everything you are told, here is the solid explanation to everything!

There are few things that majority of us believes without even a shade of a doubt. It is like an axioma, requiring no proof. You have been told the same story for years, which makes it absolutely normal to believe it…but, here are the tricks:

Pigeons can blow up if you give them uncooked rice. That’s why many people don’t organize wedding with rice, being afraid to kill the poor birds. But that’s totally silly, as pigeons actually eat rice during the winter months to keep up a mass, and they are still alive…

Napoleon was small. That depends with what to compare. The height of Napoleon was 5’2, which is short. But if you use the Imperial system, he was actually 5.6, which was an average height for men in his country. But of course when he was standing among his soldiers who were over 6.00. He did look quite short.

Men think about sex every seven seconds. This myth actually has no proof. The fact was suggested by Alfred Kinsey, but he didn’t give such a specifics. The only thing he suggested was that 97% of men though about sex starting from few times per day to few times per month. Plus, it is still arguable who thinks about sex more, men or women….

People use only 10% of their brain. Scientists have debated this fact in 1800 and William James was the one who wrote that people use small amount of their brains. That’s how the myth about 10 % was born. In reality even for simple tasks we need far more than 10 %.

Source: indigodaily


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