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Real-Life Russian Roulette Game Is Set To Take America By Storm

Footage has emerged showing men and women playing an adaptation of the adrenaline-fuelled Russian Roulette. The game that’s already popular in Russia is about to take America by storm.

The ‘extreme sport’s’ formula works on the same premise as the real Russian Roulette – just without the deadly bullets which are replaced with electronic tasers. According to The Sun, there’s also a $1million prize up for grabs, so I guess that ups the ante a bit.

Although the guns will not contain bullets, they’re still made to look like traditional revolvers.

Video credit: YouTube/CatersTV

The concept, which was thought up by former mixed martial arts fighter Valeriy Eschenko while in a coma, involves various rounds. Each time a round is completed and a person is eliminated, the amount of electricity in the guns increase. This continues until there is one clear winner at the end. He/she becomes really rich while the others walk away with sore heads..


Video credit: YouTube/CatersTV

This comes months after Mass Shooting Tracker revealed that there were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870.

This game could have devastating consequences if not played correctly or if the craze of shooting people in the head for fun goes viral.

Is this really a wise idea?

Source: theladbible


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