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4 Things That Can Happen Only In Scandinavia

Maybe that’s why they are so happy all the time?


Have you ever noticed that Scandinavian countries are always on top of the lists among the wealthiest and happiest countries? They constantly prove to have better education system, quality and style of life. Have you ever wondered why? Maybe these things are actually the keys:

Finnish babies sleep in boxes instead of the fancy cradles. This tradition is kept since 1930. The future to be moms receive a gift from a government – a card box with all necessary things for the baby for the first few weeks. You may find there bathing products, nappies, sleeping bag and even a mattress, which is exact size of the box. So once you put it on the bottom your card box turns into bed.

Swedish prisoners bake cakes instead of escaping. It happened in 2006, when guards in one of the Swedish prisons forgot to lock six of the prisoners before changing shifts. If it happened somewhere else, they would escape right away. What these prisoners did? They went into kitchen’s prison and baked a chocolate cake instead, which they ate by watching a TV.

Swedish blood donors get message on their phones every time their blood saves somebody. It is one of the ways to raise interest among the population as they know their blood counts and is needed.

Finland is the world champion in wife carrying. This strange competition originated in Finland in 1992 and since then it is hold annually. What you have to do ? Exactly what you think: a man should carry a female partner for 253.5 meters and whoever does it in the shortest time is the winner.

Source: indigodaily


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